Multiplying the impact for you — with group coaching

A brief primer for those who panic at the idea of group coaching.

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Gestalt Psychology

There is a concept, that is sourced from an area of Psychology referred to as ‘Gestalt Psychology, that states:

The power of the Group

The power of a group is that it magnifies this tendency to want a complete picture whilst also seeking to fill in the gaps.

The coach’s job

The work of the coach is to listen out for deep meaning in the group conversations, to draw the group’s attention to this and to enable the group to respond to this with increased curioisty. The overpowering or shy group members are facilitated by the coach to reflect more or speak more, enabling the group to focus on the work and not the dynamics of the group. This is often a fear for potential group members I speak to, I reassure them that this is the concern of the coach and will be managed by the coach.

…not therapy!

It is important to add that this is not therapy! Group coaching can touch on deep experiences but group coaching should capitalise on awareness, strengths, creativity and humour. Laughter should be common and a future of possibility invited!


Having led many groups of many sizes, along with being a member myself — I am a firm believer in the power of the group in supporting growth for all types of people (patients, staff, entrepreneurs, teams, leaders…). There are definitely times when 1 to 1 coaching is preferred or more appropriate — but if group coaching (or affinity groups) is the option made available to you, it should not be seen as less. In truth, for many people it is more.

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